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Meet the Inventor of Our Technology

Jerry Callahan founded Heatworks the day he realized the water heater he needed didn’t exist.

Jerry Callahan founded Heatworks the day he realized the water heater he needed didn’t exist.

Leader. Engineer. Innovator.

Jerry Callahan has spent his 40-year career identifying and fixing problems. From turning around failing businesses and creating a simpler way to sell propane to consumers to inventing a new way to heat water, if something needed to be improved, Jerry is the person to call. It's no wonder why as our founder and CEO, Heatworks now has over 130 patents and counting.

Jerry Callahan CEO Heatworks
Jerry Callahan, Founder and CEO, Heatworks
  • Business executive and turnaround expert with deep experience in a wide range of businesses, with a solid track record in starting up, growing, and fixing companies
  • Past President and CEO of National Packaging Solutions Group, largest provider of JIT packaging solutions, leading nine acquisitions in 30 months
  • Past President of Blue Rhino, largest propane cylinder exchange company
  • Past President of Dynapower/ Stratopower, leading manufacturer of aerospace and commercial high-end hydraulic pumps, motors, and systems
  • 12 years of private equity experience
  • 8 years of turnaround experience
  • Inventor of Ohmic Array Technology

An inventor at heart, Jerry founded Heatworks the day he realized the water heater he needed didn’t exist. Rather than buy an inferior product, he decided to find a better way to heat water.

His relentless dedication to reinventing water heating technology led to developing Ohmic Array Technology, the most effective way to heat any conductive liquid. Applications for the patented technology range from hot beverage machines to cleaning fluid heating for automotive LIDAR sensors to massive commercial water heaters. In fact, there is no liquid heating application that cannot benefit from Ohmic Array Technology.

Jerry grew up on Cape Cod, MA, and studied naval architecture at MIT and the Stevens Institute of Technology. After attaining his MBA from University of Chicago, Jerry co-founded Blue Rhino, the world’s leading propane cylinder exchange company, before moving to South Carolina and founding Heatworks.

When not losing sleep thinking about the next award-winning, new product, Jerry loves to spend time on the water sailing competitively along the coast or in the air flying his Beech Bonanza. He also enjoys traveling with his wife Susie and his two adult children, Jack and Cam.


As an experienced entrepreneur, product innovator and business leader, Jerry has been interviewed on radio and television and in print, as well as participated in event panels and speaking engagements.

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